When will he marry me? – 4 Behavior Signs to Watch for!

When will he marry me? That's one of those questions you may consider asking a psychic for answers. It's actually not that easy to know when or if your man is going to ask you to marry him especially if he's not kicking in any information. A lot of men will discuss marriage but vaguely. These are the men who say they would really like to be married "someday" or they look at a marriage commitment as taking place sometime in the future. Other men will just change the topic totally when he's asked about getting married by his girlfriend.

If your guy is dodging the whole marriage issue then you've certainly got a challenge to deal with. All hope is not lost though. If you really would like to find out whether or not he's ever going to pop the question soon, look for one of these 4 common behavior signs. Spot one of these and you will know that he is thinking very seriously about it.

The 4 Behavior Signs to Watch for!


>>>> Want their finances in order…Are you searching for the answer to your question... "When will he marry me" look at his financial state of affairs. Nearly all guys consider marriage as a very important commitment in numerous ways, including financially. They need to have their finances in order before they consider spending $100s on a ring and ask you to marry him. If your boyfriend is constantly struggling from payday to payday or he's maxed out all his charge cards, you will need to be patient with him. A ring on your finger or a walk down the aisle in all likelihood is not going to take place in the near future.

>>>> Introduces you to family and friends…If he's taking you to close family events and if you are good friends with his friends, you are on your way to becoming his wife. Don't overlook the power of family and his closest friends when it pertains getting into a man's heart. He's not very likely to include you into his close circle if you are not his special girl and planning on spending his life with. Men commonly avoid including a girlfriend in close family gatherings unless she's going to be the one.

>>>> Your living together…Are you living together now? Is he pressuring you to move in with him? When a man desires to live with a woman he's unquestionably taking the steps to ask you to marry him. If he was still clinging to the mindset of a single man, he'd desire his own place and privateness. His desiring to spend more time with you, sharing his bed with you certainly suggests that his heart is centered solely on you.

>>>> Is he dropping hints about wanting to marry you...A much more perceptible hint that he's going to be pooping the question soon is if he dropping some hints. Many guys are atrocious at keeping anything secret. They simply can't do it. If he's asked the sizing your ring finger is or if he's talked about the size wedding you want, a marriage proposal is just around the corner.

There are specific things that any woman can say and do that will make her man want to commit to her. I know for me it was one of the most painful problems and dilemmas I ever went through.

So…How do I get a man to not only love me, but WANT to commit and have a future relationship WITHOUT turning into a pushy, manipulative WITCH?

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